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President & CEO’s Message

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges not only for our Association and our membership, but for organizations, families, and individuals across Canada. At Advocis, we chose to be defined by our response to COVID-19 rather than by the circumstances of it, and in doing so we have accomplished extraordinary things.

As soon as our rapid transition to a work-from-home environment was completed, we sprang into action to continue serving our membership. At a national level, we immediately launched a multitude of initiatives to ensure that members would be equipped with both the information they needed for themselves and their clients with regards to COVID-19, and that they could continue to pursue professional excellence in a virtual environment as well. Our Member Resource Centre, Coffee Talks, and adapted Continuing Education programs are only a few examples of the agility and dedication we have shown in this time, with programs such as Advocis Connect and our Financial Literacy Month efforts speaking to our continued and growing commitment to the greater public interest as well. Our new DigiCat project also speaks to how we are proceeding to envision the advisor of the future, and how our focus remains on where our industry is headed despite the significant barriers we face in the present.

Concurrent with this, our chapter leadership and volunteers were also doing exceptional work in preserving and moving forward with the chapter life that forms the core of Advocis for many members. Their work in ensuring that members continued to stay connected and were able to reach out to one another through a variety of online experiences was outstanding, and we could have not succeeded without them.

Regulatory wins, the launch of our grassroots advocacy networks and the continued support of our partners and sponsors were also highlights of the year, and I can say without reservation that the resiliency of our entire staff throughout this period has filled me with pride – resiliency which has certainly been matched and inspired by the dedication our members have shown to their own clients throughout the past year.

As we all know, the ancient saying “May you live in interesting times” is an ambiguous one. It speaks to moments in which great things become possible precisely because so much is suddenly and unexpectedly at stake. I am pleased to say that Advocis has risen to meet that challenge, and that we will continue to raise the bar of professionalism for financial advisors across Canada in the years to come.

Greg Pollock, CFP, M.Ed., L.L.M., C.Dir.
President and CEO, Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

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