APA Claims Committee

The APA Claims Committee shall:

  • Oversee the claims adjustment process from the advisor’s perspective
  • Ensure that the intent of the policy wording is reflected in each claims adjustment decision;
  • Act as a professional resource, as needed;
  • Based upon claims adjustment experiences, recommend to the Underwriting Committee that it be aware of potential gaps and/or excesses in the policy wording;
  • Ensure that the scope of the policy wording includes the types of risks that the average advisor faces in his/her practice;
  • Advise the Underwriting Committee of any unforeseen trends in claims settlements emanating from a class of risks and/or an individual risk;
  • Advocate on behalf of a certificate holder when necessary.
  • To carry out it’s mandate in the interests of the Board of Directors;
  • To provide expertise and attention to detail on behalf of the Board of Directors in relation to all matters related to the claims adjustment process; 
  • To attend all Committee meetings as called. Meetings can either be in person or via teleconference;
  • To review, annually, the Terms of Reference and forward recommendations, as required, to the Board of Directors.
  • The Committee will be composed of a minimum of three certificate holders in good standing, the majority of whom shall be Advocis members.
  • Staff Liaison shall be the COO or his/her representative.
  • Appointment shall be by the Board;
  • Chair to be a member of the Board of Directors and will be appointed by the Board.
  • One year term
  • Absence of three (3) meetings, member’s commitment is to be reviewed.
  • Majority – Fifty (50) per cent plus one of the total Claims Committee members, present in person or by phone.
  • By consensus where possible;
  • Any question shall be referred to Robert's Rules of Order;
  • Chair to receive information, agenda and minutes first for approval;
  • Agenda and meeting material to be distributed at least 3 working days in advance.
  • Chair shall NOT have a vote.
  • Any tie will give the Chair a casting vote.
  • Where necessary in the opinion of the Claims Committee;
  • Technical advisors may sit through one or more meetings.
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