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April 15, 2019

How Insurance Beneficiary Designations Work

By Kevin Wark One of the many positive attributes of a life insurance policy is the ability to designate a beneficiary of the life insurance proceeds. […]
April 15, 2019

What’s Your Account Minimum?

By Bryce Sanders When someone asks you “What’s your minimum?” that could be the first step toward becoming a client. But how you respond to the […]
April 15, 2019

5 Spot Checks to Conduct before Buying a Book

By Afsar Shah Due diligence, or the lack thereof, will ultimately determine the success or failure of any business acquisition. Before you agree to buy a […]
April 15, 2019

Budget 2019: New Annuities for Registered Plans

By Jamie Golombek and Debbie Pearl-Weinberg The 2019 federal budget announced a few measures directed at retirees. Included in these measures was the introduction of two […]
July 8, 2019

Is There a Secret Sauce to Growing Your Network?

By Mia and Andy Torr Two and a half years ago, prospecting felt like a struggle. We had burnt out our warm market, and we struggled […]
July 8, 2019

Why Some Employee Discounts on Insurance Commissions Are Taxable

By Jamie Golombek and Debbie Pearl-Weinberg The rules in the Income Tax Act require that the value of “benefits of any kind whatever received or enjoyed” […]
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