Chapter Leadership Council

Providing Guidance

Supporting TFAAC strategic priorities, the CLC is responsible for the viability, health and direction of the chapter network and ensuring the chapter network is vibrant and focused on providing added value to members. CLC Regional Leaders guide the well-being of the chapters in their Region, while non-regional Chairs are accountable for guiding the direction of their respective portfolios. Members of CLC also serve as liaisons with The Institute, GAMA and committees of TFAAC, and they chair network initiatives, such as Financial Literacy.

Chapter Leadership Council Board

John McCallum, CFP, Chair, Chapter Leadership Council

Eric Barton, CFP, EPC, Regional Leader, Ontario North-East

Jennifer Tweddle, CFP, CLU, CHS, TEP Regional Chair, Alberta

Leslie Carpenter, CLU, CFP, CIM, Regional Leader, British Columbia

Chris Hudson, CLU, CFP, CHS, Regional Leader, Ontario Central

Debra Schreiber , CLU, Regional Leader, Ontario South-West

Wally Klassen, CFP, RRC, Regional Leader, Prairies

David G. Campbell Regional Leader, Atlantic

Abhishek Shama, CLU, CFP, CHS,CLC Chair, Membership and GAMA Liaison

Ali Pahlavani, CFP, CLU, CHS, MBA CLC Chair, Financial Stewardship

Vince McKay, EPC, CPCA, CLC Chair, Program

David McGruer, CFP, CLC, Past-Chair

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