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Advocis Coffee Talks are espresso-sized webinars for financial advisors, accredited by The Institute for CE credits and available exclusively to Advocis members.

An archive of previous editions is available below. Please note that login is required, and that these are provided as reference materials only – webinars must be attended live in order to qualify for CE.

Information on registering for all upcoming Coffee Talks is being distributed to members via email. If you are a member of Advocis and not receiving these notifications, please contact us with your preferred email address and indicate that you would like to receive all member communications.


Edition 18 – Tony Bosch

The Conservation Conversation

Tony Bosch, Executive Vice President, Broker Development at HUB Financial presents a strategy and process to help ensure advisors can be proactive in preventing clients from cancelling insurance coverage by understanding each phase of the decision-making process.

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Edition 17 – Jonathan Schjott

Are You Undervaluing the Power of Feedback?

Jonathan Schjott, CLU, CFP, CHS, Regional Vice President, Insurance Brokerage at RBC Insurance offers specific and useful guidance on how managers can provide clear, compelling and actionable feedback that will bring out the very best in their advisors.

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Edition 16 – Will O’Neill

Lasting Impressions – Effective Writing for Advisors

Will O’Neill, Corporate Communications Specialist at Advocis, provides tips and a structured process on making writing more professional and persuasive in client communications and on social media.

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Edition 15 – Charlie Conron

Opportunity Lies in Hidden Data

Charlie Conron, CTO and Founder of Life Design Analysis Software presents insights into how innovative technology is surfacing hidden opportunities across the distribution channel, shortening sales cycles, and providing proactive solutions that can help create satisfied, long-term customers.

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Edition 14 – CALU

CALU and You: Strengthening our Professional Voice

Cindy David, CFP, CLU, FEA, TEP, CALU Chair of the Board offers examples of how CALU research into how various audiences perceive the value of professional financial advice, demonstrates how to communicate impactfully about the value of advice depending on the audience, and explain how CALU membership can benefit the advanced financial advisor.

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Edition 13 – PPI

Tax and Estate Planning Update

Glenn Stephens, LL.B, TEP, FEA, Vice-President, Planning Services, PPI Advisory and Chris Ireland, CPA, CA, TEP, Senior Vice-President, Planning Services, PPI Advisory present the latest updates in tax and estate planning through a review of recent case law, CRA pronouncements and other items of interest.

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Edition 12 – Elke Rubach

Client Conversations – What Really Matters

Elke Rubach of Rubach Wealth discusses the right questions to ask and the right conversations to have towards discovering what the deeply-held values and goals of clients truly are – along with tips that can benefit every financial advisor in their business development journey.

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Edition 11 – Greg Pollock

Stepping Up & Moving Forward

Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis discusses how our Association is discovering the ‘new normal’ through a combination of innovations in member programs and services alongside a strong focus on Advocis’ longstanding goals of professionalism, consumer protection and member-driven advocacy.

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Edition 10 – Barbara Riddell

Finding Your Path: Professional Development for the Post-Pandemic Market

Barbara Riddell, Vice-President of Education and Membership at Advocis discusses how proactive advisors are turning a strategic eye to the road ahead, what the industry and consumer environment may look like post-COVID, and how professionals are pursuing educational opportunities that will ensure their businesses can not only survive, but thrive.

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Edition 9 – Abeer Sajjad

The Perfect Home Office for You

Abeer Sajjad, Member Engagement Associate at Advocis discusses how advisors can look after their physical, emotional, and mental wellness in all aspects of their evolving work-from-home life through ergonomics, online tools and better daily habits.

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Edition 8 – James Ryu

Square Peg, Round Hole: Making Regulation Fit

James Ryu, Senior Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs at Advocis discusses how the department works to promote a regulatory environment that is fair for Advocis’ members and their clients. He also touches on a few of the pressing issues in the pipeline and how they could affect you and your practice.

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Edition 7 – Manulife

It Takes a Pandemic – Digital Adoption in the Insurance Industry

Selena Puttick, AVP & Associate Chief Underwriter Individual Insurance and Kathy Schmidtke, Director, Distributor Relations & Learning of Manulife discuss the challenges of COVID-19 as it relates to digital adoption, how the insurance industry is changing to meet the needs of restrictions for face-to-face sales, and the shifting horizon of e-business tools and underwriting requirements.

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Edition 6 – MDRT

Aim Higher with Advocis and MDRT

Dana Mitchell, CFP, CLU, CHS and Adrian George, CFP, CLU, TEP of the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) introduce attendees to the MDRT mentoring program, help viewers sharpen their approach to cultivating centres of influence, and demonstrate how to ask the right questions to start taking production to the next level.

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Edition 5 – Nick Colosimo

Advocacy Matters (Pt. 2) – Charting Our Own Course

The second part of this edition on the member-driven advocacy strategy of Advocis, how policy is developed and passed through government, and why you should be a part of it – especially as the economic recovery from COVID-19 continues.

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Edition 4 – Matt McGuire

Who Wants to be a Money Launderer?

In Canada, many people aspire to fruitful careers in money laundering, with $50 billion being cleaned through our economy each year. Learn more about the crimes that money launderers commit to generate wealth, the techniques they use to make it look like it’s coming from legitimate sources, and how advisors can prevent, deter and detect them.

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Edition 3 – Todd Fithian

Critical Client Connections During Covid-19

As we’re being forced to physically distance, your clients and potential clients are craving that human connection we once took for granted. Being an advisor is about being toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye with clients and prospects, so what will your business look like in this physical distancing world?

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Edition 2 – Dr. Bruce Empringham

Booming Ahead: Care and Conversation for Baby Boomer Clients

As life expectancy has risen, questions of how to preserve and value our quality of life as we grow older have never been more important to your clients – and maybe to you, too!

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Edition 1 – Nick Colosimo

Advocacy Matters (Pt. 1) – Charting Our Own Course

Insights on the member-driven advocacy strategy of Advocis, how policy is developed and passed through government, and why you should be a part of it – especially as the economic recovery from COVID-19 begins.

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