FORUM Editorial Advisory Board

FORUM Advisory Board


Nicholas Landry, CHS, RHIS
Izumi Miki-McGruer, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
Leony deGraaf Hastings, CFP, EPC
Michael Berton, CFP, RFP, CLU, CHS
Robert McEachern, CFP, CLU.
The purpose and operations of the TFAAC FORUM Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) are subject to the TFAAC Board policy “Statement of Committee Governance”. 
The EAB shall:

  • Maintain confidentiality, as outlined in the TFAAC Board Confidentiality Agreement
  • Review the proposed annual editorial calendar as prepared by the Publisher and Editor of FORUM magazine
  • Meet with the Publisher and Editor to provide feedback on the last 3 published issues and provide input on the proposed content (feature articles) for the ensuing 3 issues
  • Recommend appropriate initiatives to communicate with, and to receive feedback and content suggestion from Association Members
  • Report regularly to the TFAAC Board of Directors through operational updates submitted by the COO
  • To carry out its mandate in the interests of the TFAAC Board of Directors
  • To review, annually, the Terms of Reference and report back to the TFAAC Board
  • The EAB will be composed of at least 4 Association Members in good standing
  • Appointment shall be by the TFAAC Board based on recommendation from the current EAB
  • The Chair shall be appointed by the TFAAC Board for a 1-year term
  • Staff Liaison to be the President & CEO or their delegate
  • 1-year term
  • Majority of the total EAB membership, present in person or by phone
  • Decisions may be taken by consensus vote as described above, in addition to during teleconference and in person meetings, by electronic means, which shall include electronic commerce and faxes
  • By consensus where possible
  • Any question shall be referred to Robert's Rules of Order
  • Chair to receive information, agenda and minutes first for approval
  • Agenda and meeting material to be distributed at least 3 working days in advance
  • Chair shall NOT have a vote
  • Any tie will give the Chair a casting vote
  • EAB business to remain with the EAB until it is agreed to communicate this business beyond the EAB
  • Where necessary in the opinion of the EAB
  • Technical advisors may sit through 1 or more meetings
  • Quarterly according to the following schedule for the purpose of; providing the Publisher and Editor with feedback and input on content and to review the proposed annual editorial calendar:
  • May meeting - review February, March, April
  • August meeting - review May, June, July/August
  • November meeting - review September, October - and annual editorial calendar
  • February issue - review November, December and January
  • Additionally as determined by the EAB
  • After an absence of 2 consecutive meetings, a member’s commitment is to be reviewed
  • Only with approval of the TFAAC Board of Directors
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