LRP – Investment Sub-committee (ISC)

LRP - Investment Sub-committee (ISC)


Wade Baldwin, CFP
Mark Kent, CLU, CFA
Jared Webb, CFP
Grant White, CIM, CFP
Clay Gillespie, CFP, CIM
Franco Caligiuri, CHS
Jack DiNardo, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.

TFAAC Board Liaisons:
Rob Eby, CFP, RRC
John W. Hamilton, CLU, FEA, CPCA

Past Chair:
Curtis Findlay

Committee Terms of Reference

The purpose and operations of the Investment Sub-committee (“ISC”, or the “Committee”) are subject to the TFAAC Board policy Statement of Committee Governance. The ISC shall:

• Maintain confidentiality, as outlined in the TFAAC Board Confidentiality Agreement.

• Develop, implement and manage emerging and existing securities regulatory policy issues of direct relevance to TFAAC/Advocis members, with particular reference to and within the parameters of the Guiding Principles for Setting Regulatory Affairs and Policy Priorities.

• Make recommendations to the Legal/Regulatory Policy Committee (“LRP”) on such securities regulatory policy initiatives having broad implications for the membership and/or the industry.
• Design and implement plans to achieve the Committee’s objectives by (a) coordinating the development of TFAAC positions related to securities regulatory issues; (b) initiating and conducting analysis and advocacy research as required; and (c) developing and implementing an advocacy program, which includes contributing to the development and implementation of government relations policies on behalf of Advocis.

• Lead TFAAC in establishing itself as a key stakeholder in the financial services sector on securities regulatory issues that constitute key advocacy and policy priorities for the Committee and the Association.

• Promote member awareness of emerging securities regulatory issues and provide support to and coordination with other business units, including those units having responsibility for the Best Practices Manual, Continuing Education, and APA.

• Carry out the Committee’s mandate in the interests of the LRP and TFAAC Board.

• Report regularly to the LRP.

• Review, annually, the Terms of Reference and forward same to the LRP.
• The Committee will be composed of a minimum of five members in good standing.

• Appointment shall be by the LRP based on recommendation from the current Committee.

• The Chair shall be appointed by the LRP based on recommendation from the current Committee.

• The Chair shall be appointed by the LRP for a term of one year and shall oversee the ongoing operations of the Committee with support from Advocis staff.

• The Chair shall recommend a Vice Chair to assist in the operation of the Committee to be approved by the LRP.

• The Vice Chair shall be selected from the members of the Committee.
• Two year term.
• At least 50% of Committee members present in person or by phone, at regularly scheduled Committee meetings.

• The Chair is included in quorum.

• Decisions may be taken by consensus vote as described above, during teleconference and in person meetings, and by electronic means, which shall include electronic mail and faxes.
• By consensus whenever possible. Otherwise, by majority vote.

• The Chair shall be entitled to vote.

• Any questions shall be referred to Robert’s Rules of Order.

• Chair to receive information, agenda and minutes in advance for approval.

• Agenda and meeting material to be distributed in advance to Committee members within a reasonable period.

• 48 hours’ notice is required for special meetings.

• Committee business to remain with the Committee until it is agreed to communicate this business beyond the Committee.
• The Committee may retain technical advisors where deemed necessary, in the opinion of the Committee.

• Technical advisors may sit through one or more meetings.
• Meetings shall be scheduled as the Committee determines.

• A minimum of four meetings per year, either in person or by teleconference.

• If a Committee member is absent for three or meetings in a year, the member’s commitment is to be reviewed.
• Only with approval of the LRP.
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