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To serve our members and the public interest, Advocis will be continuously updating this Member Resource Centre with the latest resources and developments on COVID-19 - including information on response and recovery efforts - from a range of credible sources that may be of value to your practice and clients. Please note that all information should be verified with primary regulatory sources where applicable.

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Regulatory Affairs & Government Relations

Education Programs

Complimentary timeline extensions are being offered on a one-time basis to candidates working on the following courses and designations:

  • CLU® 255 & 256: 120-day extension
  • ​CHS Financial Planning Foundations for Health Insurance (Full Program): 6-month extension
  • CFP® Advocis Core Curriculum Program (Full Program): 6-month extension
  • CFP® Advocis Core Curriculum Program (Individual Modules): 120-day extension
  • LLQP: 6-month extension (Life and A&S)

Advocis Programs & Resources

Advocis Coffee Talks

Advocis Coffee Talks are espresso-sized webinars for financial advisors, accredited by The Institute for CE credits and available exclusively to Advocis members.

A helpful checklist for advisors participating in assistance programs.

Continuing Education Modules

New & Notable

  • Ethics and Social Media – Includes 2 CE (2 Ethics)
  • In this course, Rod Burylo takes financial advisors and planners through the complex world of ethics and social media. He dives into the importance of ethics, the difference between ability trust and integrity trust, and reviews some of the problems that financial advisors and planners can face with social media. Rod underscores the importance of a clear and developed communications strategy, and helps financial advisors and planners develop their own. He also explores the legal guidelines around social media communication.

    Through real-world scenarios and case studies he interprets the Advocis Code of Conduct and FP Canada Standards of Professional Responsibility and how financial advisors and planners can act in accordance with these guides. You will finish the course with many best practices for your social media communication.

  • Mental Health and the Financial Advice Relationship – Includes 1 CE (1 Ethics)
  • In this course, Carol Lynde, President and CEO, Bridgehouse Asset Managers, discusses the findings of this research with Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis. Lynde and Pollock also review how mental health affects clients’ financial decision making and provide advice for advisors on having courageous conversations. Financial advisors and planners will learn how to assist clients in maintaining their mental health as well as their own, and how to implement the Trusted Contact Person (TCP) into their practice.

  • Working with Senior Clients - INCLUDES 2 CE (1 ETHICS)
  • Given the demographic shift that is taking place, most advisors have clients that are in their senior years. Advisors who learn more about working effectively with senior clients will have the opportunity to differentiate themselves as the go-to advisor with their own clients as well as with their clients’ families, friends and in their community. This course with help advisors develop their practices and processes that will protect and empower their clients and protect their practice.


  • Advocis Tech Task Force Podcast (Members Only - Login Required)
  • The Advocis Technology Taskforce Data Security Report was produced in December 2019 as a way to help advisors keep data secure. In early 2020, two members of the Taskforce, Kelly Gustafson, CFP and Brandon Chapman, CFP, CLU, met with former TFAAC Chair, Al Jones, CFP, CLU, ICD.D, on the Advocis podcast to discuss the findings of the report.

    Please note: To access, click on the link above. You will be required to log in and register. Please allow approximately 24 hours for the recording to appear on your dashboard.

  • A Conversation with Jane Blaufus and Al Jones (Members Only - Login Required) - INCLUDES 1 CE, .75 ETHICS
  • In April 2020 Advocis recorded a webinar with Jane Blaufus (CLU) and Al Jones (CFP, CLU, ICD.D), former TFAAC Chair, to discuss how advisors can step in, step up and support clients in these challenging times. Both speakers provided insight on how to run professional and compliant virtual meetings, gave suggestions for virtual seminars and shared tips for finding new clients in a respectful way.

    Please note: This webinar is available as a recording. To access, click on the link above. You will be required to log in and register. Please allow approximately 24 hours for the recording to appear on your dashboard.

  • Advisor at Risk: A Podcast with Ellen Bessner (Members Only - Login Required) - INCLUDES 1 ETHICS CE
  • Wondering how you can protect yourself and your business from litigation and reputation risk? In this program, Ellen Bessner, a leading expert on the topic of the risks facing advisors, provides a wealth of practical suggestions for how you can do just that.

  • Making Choices I (Members Only - Login Required)
  • The first module in our Making Choices series, which focuses on ethics and professional standards in practice through case scenarios.

  • Knowing the Code of Professional Conduct (Members Only - Login Required)
  • Explore the Advocis Code of Professional Conduct by applying it in real-life client situations and understand industry best practices.

    Please note: To access, click on the link above. You will be required to log in and register. Please allow approximately 24 hours for the recording to appear on your dashboard.

  • The Value of Errors and Omissions Insurance (Members Only - Login Required)
  • A general introduction to the various issues relating to E&O insurance, including when insurance is needed, what protection services are available under an E&O policy, potential sources of claims, how to protect yourself in daily practice, and more.

    Please note: To access, click on the link above. You will be required to log in and register. Please allow approximately 24 hours for the recording to appear on your dashboard.

Also Available

  • Strategic Selling with Social Media (Login Required)

    Social media and digital technologies enable professionals to find new customers and motivate them to take action in more efficient and strategic ways. This course leverages powerful social media solutions designed to help you save time, save money and make money throughout prospecting to referrals to closing.

  • From Bad to Worse: Advisor Mistakes in the Claims Process (Login Required)
  • A basic review of the claims management process, with a focus on mistakes that can be avoided by an advisor in the process.

  • Cyber & Privacy Liability (Login Required)
  • Learn about key regulatory and legislative requirements relating to the collection and storage of personal information, what the rules and laws are regarding how you communicate with the public, the penalties and impact on a business when these rules are breached, and what advisors can do to protect themselves and their client information.

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