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DigiCat v.1.0 (Member Login Required)

DigiCat v.1.0: Link

Release date: December 21, 2020

DigiCat v.1.0 is a high-level catalogue of best-in-class digital tools that help simplify and streamline the day-to-day activities of financial advisors. TTF members have leveraged their expertise to help Advocis members identify leading tools from across a variety of categories, including CRM, calendarization and financial planning software.

DigiCat v.2.0, coming in early 2021, will expand on the offerings in v.1.0 and provide a mechanism for Member commentary and feedback. If you are a tech provider and you’re interested in being included in v.2.0, please contact the TTF as indicated at the bottom of this page to be considered. We will respond by providing a vendor survey.

Please note: The selection of tools for inclusion in DigiCat is based solely on the judgment and discretion of the members of the TTF. The inclusion of a tool does not represent any endorsement, judgment or warranty by Advocis. DigiCat users are responsible for their own due diligence on the fitness of any particular tool.

Data Security (Member Login Required)

Data Security Report: Link

Podcast: Link

On January 30, 2020, the Technology Task Force (TTF) published its first Technology Bulletin on Data Security. The Data Security Report covers how advisors can prepare their practices for an increasingly data-centric future, including: the selection and utilization of software in an advisory practice; the use of email and other communications tools with clients; cloud-based servers and software; data breaches, and how you should respond; requirements for MGAs and securities dealers; special considerations for professional referrals; and the use of portable devices. In addition, the TTF Chair, B. Chapman and Vice-Chair, K. Gustafson provided a brief overview on this report for The Advocis Podcast channel. The report was collectively authored by all members of the TTF. The Data Security Report and the podcast can be accessed through the above mentioned links. For more information, please send your comments to

Member Survey

Survey: Link

The TTF is engaging tech developers and educational institutions to discuss what digital tools are missing from the marketplace – applications advisors really could use, but which no one is actively developing. This project effectively acts as the counterpart to DigiCat: while DigiCat focuses on “pushing down” useful existing solutions to the advisor community, this project aims to “pull up” ideas from advisors to developers and incubators to help create the next generation of solutions.

The TTF completed a survey of members to better understand advisors’ main pain/friction points and how technology might be able to provide solutions. The survey was open between January 11, 2021 and January 25, 2021. The survey asked advisors where their business needs were not being met by existing solutions, how much advisors were willing to spend monthly on tech solutions and any barriers that prevented them from implementing existing solutions.

Some highlights include:

If you are interested in learning more about DigiCat or the results of the Member Survey, please email

Presentations at Chapter Events

We encourage Chapter leadership to reach out and invite the TTF to present at your local events. Contact us at

About the Technology Task Force

The TTF is composed of volunteer members of Advocis who have practical or technical knowledge of fintech tools and services. Some members have started their own fintech companies; others have worked at tech giants; and some are responsible for implementing fintech solutions in their own firms. These members are eager and proud to give back to the Advocis community by lending their time and expertise for the benefit of all.

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