Segment 1: Building an Inclusive Practice

Michele Byrne
Senior Advisor, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Learning Objective: To examine bias and its influence on our choices and decisions. We will explore how to become aware of our own biases and consider ways of talking about it comfortably with clients, staff and colleagues.

Interview addresses:

  • Bias awareness and leading from the inside out. Challenging our personal assumptions and then improving ourselves
  • Building equity. Developing and maintaining an inclusive practice that fosters belonging and trust
  • Inclusive leaders and courageous inclusion. Becoming inclusive leaders who act with courage, humility and empathy through a true desire to learn and unlearn
  • Courageous conversations. How do advisors have courageous and empathetic conversations with their staff, clients and colleagues in order to build new habits, strengthen connections and encourage the growth of an inclusive culture

Case Study Activity: Connecting with Clients

Learning Objective: To help determine potential biases and find ways to ensure the advisor, employees and clients fit seamlessly into the new practice.

Segment 2: Planning: Pivot to the New Reality

Cindy Marques, CFP®
Financial Coach, Paper & Coin

Learning Objective: To consider how financial advisors and financial planners can help their clients (with a focus on individuals and small business owners) pivot to the new reality, take action, and revise their financial plans while keeping sight of their goals.

Interview addresses:

  • Cash-flow management & budgeting, including expense automation and optimization
  • Utilizing government pandemic-related funding, including the anticipated tax implications
  • Recognizing and dealing with mental stress

Case Study Activity: The Young Family

Learning Objective: To develop cash flow and budgeting recommendations for a young family in order to stay on track towards their goals.

Segment 3: Customized Solutions for Managing Risk

Mehul Gandhi, CLU®, CFP®
Business Planning Specialist and Senior Insurance Advisor, Westmount Wealth Planning

Learning Objective: An exploration of how financial advisors and financial planners can continue to help clients (with a focus on individuals and small business owners) reach their financial goals while taking decisive action to mitigate risk.

Interview addresses:

  • Protecting against longevity risk given the current markets. Threats, sequence of returns, income producing investments, private markets and retirement planning issues, including consideration of earlier or later than anticipated retirement and the impact on longevity of CPP
  • What the pandemic has taught us about insurance and the roles it plays in each stage of the business owner’s life
  • Probate obsession. Joint ownership of assets with adult children
  • Incorporated professionals and the potential layers of post-mortem tax complexity

Case Study Activity: Adjusting the Plan for a Small Business Owner

Learning Objective: To create strategies for a business owner to reduce their risk, create a succession plan and transfer wealth from their business.

Segment 4: Deeper Connections in a Virtual World

Wendy Brookhouse, CHS™, QAFP™
CEO, Black Star Wealth

Learning Objective: Embracing new ways of staying connected with clients to meet their shifting support needs while fostering the ongoing development of a trust-based relationship.

Interview addresses:

  • Technology is your ally. How to embrace and adapt
  • Shifting support needs. Adapting to how clients want to work with you and meeting the needs of non-tech savvy clients
  • Up your communication game
  • Effectively use technology for networking and relationship building

Case Study Activity: Customizing Client Connectivity

Learning Objective: To consider how advisors can set up and conduct in-person and virtual meetings and prepare for and deal with unexpected issues in a compliant way.

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