*Bonus Segment: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Canadians

Steven W. Shepherd
Director, Portfolio Manager
Global Multi-Asset Team
BMO Asset Management Inc.

Description: Steven Shepard, Portfolio Manager for the Global Multi-Asset Team at BMO Asset Management Inc., and Advocis Update 2020 presenter, shares his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and its effect on Canadians.

Segment 1: Market Uncertainty and Client Behaviour

Steven W. Shepherd
Director, Portfolio Manager
Global Multi-Asset Team
BMO Asset Management Inc.

Learning Objective: To understand the economic indicators that could influence the performance of financial markets and consider the impact that may have on client behaviours.

Interview will include: Market volatility has returned with a vengeance, and there would appear to be no end to contributing factors on the immediate horizon. Advisors can help address client concerns and uneasiness, preventing critical behavioural errors that might jeopardize their long-term investment objectives, by considering a disciplined framework of:

  • Current economic conditions
  • Prevailing government and central bank policy
  • Market fundamentals and valuation

Discussion Activity: Client-Communicating to Build Trust

Learning Objective: How to have proactive conversations to reassure clients and encourage them to stay the course.

Segment 2: Practical Client-Partnering

Taivi Tayler, CDFA, RRC®, CFP®
Tayler Insurance & Estate Planning

Learning Objective: To consider the impact of a potential market downturn on individual clients at various stages of their financial plan while building trust through client partnering.

Interview will include:

  • Clients in income growth years
  • Clients within two years of retirement
  • Clients who are currently retired and need to maintain their wealth

Case Study Activity: Retirement Risk-Zone

Learning Objective: To develop recommendations for clients within two years of retirement to ensure they achieve their retirement planning goals.

Segment 3: Estate Planning for Small Business Owners

Glenn Stephens, LLB, TEP, FEA
Vice-President, Planning Services
PPI Advisory

Learning Objective: To explore various strategies for small business owners and understand how to apply them to aid clients with planning in a tax efficient way.

Interview will include:

  • The use of family trusts and estate freezes
  • The value that family shareholder agreements bring to the family-owned business
  • Ensuring that Corporations are set up to qualify for the capital gains exemption
  • The impact of passive income rules on estate liquidity and liquidation
  • How to use life insurance for the tax-effective transfer of wealth and for charitable giving

Case Study Activity: Small Business Owner

Learning Objective: To create a strategy for a Small Business Owner to transfer the wealth from their business.

Segment 4: The Emotionally Intelligent Advisor

David Cory, B.Ed., M.A., C.P.C.C.
Leadership Development Coach/Trainer, President & CEO
The Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc.

Learning Objective: To consider the impact an Advisor’s emotional intelligence has on the development of the Advisor-Client relationship.

Interview will include:

  • What to look for and consider when seeking to understand self-awareness
  • Exploration of how self-understanding can help build client-trust
  • How to relate to clients with authenticity and compassion during uncertain economic

Discussion Activity: Advisor-Client Relationship Building.

Learning Objective: Consider how advisors can use self-awareness to demonstrate authenticity and compassion when collaborating with clients.

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